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Ray Architects is one of Tamil Nadu’s leading Interior Design & Architecture Firm with 14+ Years of experience. We take pride in the fact that we have completed 200+ residential and commercial projects.

In every project, we ensure that no design is off-the-shelf, and every minute aspect of the work is hand-crafted to meet the requirement and reflects the ethos of our customers.

This is why we love calling ourselves Artchitechts™, rather than Architects.

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Exclusivity is our USP

Our brand of work is certainly beyond the best, as we design every inch to suit to your specific need with splendour. The ideation, design curation and work execution from sketch to space creation are passionately transformed by our talented team to give you that hundred percent innate satisfaction.

Even the minutest details like the door knobs, intricate wood designs and aesthetic fittings are delicately created and fabricated to taste by our team. It is assembled and put together as unique interior objects with care of quality and mind space heritage. Consequently, it is natural that we love to call ourselves Artchitects, rather than mere architects for putting art into architecture!



Founder, Ray Architect's

I am basically an artist and was practising in United States as a senior visualizer in a Space Designing Studio. In my 8 years of practice there, I travelled more than 25 countries across Europe and North and South America, gaining experience in designing, handling projects and learning their lifestyle.

One fine day I was walking along the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, enjoying its traditional architecture, exemplary cascades with marvelous sculptures around the street. There, I noticed a European artist making sketches of the same streetscape with those beautiful Trams gliding down a sloppy street in between people. That very moment I realised that I am done, and I craved with enthusiasm to build monumental architecture rather than just being limited to sketches in canvas.

So in 2009, I setup Ray Architects, an artistic space designing studio in India. We made it a point that every space we create starts as a sketch on our designers’ desks customized to the client’s dream and then brought to life.

Ray Architects has won The Times of India's Icons of Tamil Nadu Award

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