Ray Architects

We take pride in welcoming you to the world of stupendous space crafted by Ray Architects. It is here that our passion for professional perfection meets with your dreams and desires to create delightful designs with invigorating interiors that are unique to your expectations and esteem.

We are marching ahead with the contentment of our valued clients laced with admiration and accolades in our journey of over eleven years as an award-winning design studio.

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Our Services

Architecture Design Commercial / Residential

Architectural designs that are 100 percent connected to lifestyle. Exceptional elevations that break the monotony and leave the audience in awe. We focus on uniqueness and designs that have never been heard of or seen before.In our designs, special emphasis is given to spaciousness and natural ventilation of the space.

Interior design Commercial / Residential

The creativity, design curation, and work execution from sketch to space creation are passionately transformed by our talented team to give you that hundred percent innate satisfaction. Even the minutest details like the door knobs, intricate wood designs, and aesthetic fittings are delicately created and fabricated to taste by our team.


We create a detailed schedule and resource plan with our experienced team of construction professionals to meet the client's project objectives, communicate clearly with all project stakeholders, closely supervise the quality of work done, and complete and commission the project on time.

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