GFRC - A Revolution In The Construction Industry

With the advancement of science and technology, not only the IT sector but also the construction industry is experiencing a revolutionary change. It was very difficult to imagine a curvaceous structure like that of Zaha Hadid’s iconic architecture to have appreciable strength before the invention of GFRC.

GFRC is basically a Portland cement sand slurry mixed with glass fiber having very high tensile strength and impact resistance. Overall it is a very versatile casting system used for very different type of design applications. Right from big architecture pieces to small ornamental things, it is used widely. It is very versatile in color and is available in different finishes. There is no standard pattern or standard size for GRC. Any shape or any size can be molded into GRC, which is its basic advantage.

Glass fibres are the reinforcement for the concrete. Being very flexible and fluid, GFRC can recreate any architectural style. It can be moulded into any texture, color, or finish, making it one of the most versatile materials in the market. In the market, GFRC is available as GFRC screen panels, cladding, and pre-cast structures. While they are light in weight, the technology and manufacturing process provide the required strength for designing exterior building elements. GFRC panels can be designed and manufactured for any complex custom shape using the mould making technology and craftsmanship.